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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 10, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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i know the government is shut down and we do not need the new plant to shut down. >> now eight matt management and workers are just hours away from another potential strike. >> how far is each side willing to go to save your commute? >> and find out what makes these alleged thieves also unusual things to a lap top device you could own for yourself. >> now it the colon off
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pierre near is and and and but it's a labor dispute. >> both sides are pointing fingers as the clock runs out. my heart it changed its mind it's a miscalculation. >> what are the truth unions remain unhappy and can walk off the job at 12 midnight tonight if a settlement is not reached. at this point
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we still have no agreement and no decision as to whether bart will strike after midnight. >> we know that the contract expired while back we are waiting on the 60 day cooling off period to expire at midnight. >> everything is very much
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up in the air and people don't know what to do tomorrow. >> we're awaiting word tonight about a possible strike. the line quality along why did gridlocks so much can happen as we saw when the first strike happened back in july. >> back in july it was summertime and the kids were out of school and everyone was on vacation and there were few people writing bart
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trains. >> it barred the strike now that means that there will be more people on the roadway on september 4th of last year, more than 381,000 cars pass through the bay area pierre >> on september 4th of this year it jumped up to more than 600,000. >> so it bat should doubt esther drivers will have to use other means of transportation to commute back and forth tomorrow. >> if there are more cars
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out on the roadways that means that will be longer delays are around the bay area. >> a san francisco police sergeant has been arrested and booked on suspicion of misdemeanor drunken driving and hit and run. >> police say thomas haymond a 22 year veteran of san
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francisco police department crashed his own car into a parked car while he was off duty. >> it happened on tuesday night at 12th avenue and lofton street in the sunset district. >> a witness reported the crash, and police arrested a would at his home shortly after. >> internal affairs is now investigating the case. >> new details emerging tonight in the death of the patient in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. >> the city's medical examiner says while the cause of the pages death is still under investigation they can say it appears she was dead for many days before remains were discovered. >> and a family spokesperson citing sources close to the investigation
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says play has been ruled out. >> meanwhile san francisco mayor edward leak says he is offering ordering an independent review of hospital security in light of the tragedy. line before making that announcement he toward a hospital for whether a patient disappeared. >> he also check the alarm on one of the doors leading to the experience there world where her body was discovered on tuesday. he says dorn his walk of the hallway leading from the patient's room to the stairwell he did not see any security cameras. >> the family of missing baby daphne webb held a visual today in honor of her
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second birthday. >> it also marks and 90 days since she was reported missing. >> the but a digital took place on the corner of seventh night in international boulevard in oakland. >> from 4 to 6 this evening. her father john webb said he was kidnapped from his car in east oakland back in july. >> police originally all rested her father on suspicion of child endangerment, but he was later released from custody. >> police are searching for thieves who stole a laptop for me, in bay city tuesday afternoon. >> these are the pictures of the suspects. >> police say, a few days later a different man was seen at a different location using the computer appeared >> news tonight at 8 kron4
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scott rates shows us the unique way police for able to obtain the pictures. >> new not and the state police said the victim had software download it onto the computer that was able to take pictures of people using the stolen laptop after it had been stolen. >> the dollar down loaded the unique software copy prey with this software you can take a picture of the person who uses your laptop after they have stolen it
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appeared >> the software will all blow to the pitcher and you could grab a screen shot of the thief. >> you could see his latest correspondence, or grab his e-mail address appeared >> criminals or would be the as you have been forewarned not to steal any software because you will be found by the technology itself. >> the building tonight we ought at day 10 of the partial government shutdown. >> the treasury department says one week from now it will not be able to cover the country's bills. >> a meeting between president obama, vice president biden and house
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republican leaders today offered hope that a short part deal to raise the debt ceiling would soon be reached. >> but house speaker butboehner left the white house and return to the capital, without speaking to reporters. even though a majority leader evencantor described the meeting as positive. >> " we had a very useful meeting. it was very clarify and i think for both sides as to where we are. >> if that were to send them to a clean debt ceiling extension, no partisan strings attached, he would sign it. >> we all know that's what we're born to do yet here in " peer >> republicans said their plan would raise the debt ceiling for six weeks until november 22nd appeared >> in a new gallup poll says americans are fed up
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with the government as they ever been. it shows only 18 percent have a favorable view of the way the country is being run. >> the shutdown is also affecting craft beer producers. >> the damage agency that approves the new breweries, recipes and labels have shut down. >> that could cause huge delays in the rapidly growing craft brewing industry, whose customers look forward to new and seasonal be yours. >> will have more on the forecast we come back from the break.
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new tonight at 8 we have people behaving badly with stanley roberts. >> all my facebook page i asked a simple question would approach it of traffic light in all the lights are out what do you do?. >> one person goes to stop the drop and roll. >> i met at the intersection of francisco and richardson what the traffic lights are out. a lot >> people continue to run
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the red light and do not pause appeared >> it a try the light is out it is to be treated as a four way stop. >> drivers as well as passengers should know this. >> it was not until a san francisco police officer arrived that some level of civility was reached appeared >> how could it be that many bad drivers in one city?. in san francisco ballet robbers kron 4 news. upon
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>> this is that francisco airport and it is cold outside. >> 53 right now in santa rosa perry >> we are going to be seen fog return. >> it will be jointly overnight but tomorrow >> it will be tonight >> 734-mar in concord. >> 73 degrees to march in concord. >> still ahead we are monitoring developments at
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bart negotiations continue into the night. >> but workers could go on strike at midnight tonight. when the coal and off. ends. >> we all live with the latest developments plus we will have deep slate with the attack report. when we come back from the break. >> it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet.
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what this what has to offer. >> this watch is an extension of the smart phone. >> if you wear it on your wrist it will cut down the number of times you have to dig your follow up out of your purse or pocket. >> the watch has to speakers at and and you can talk to another person, through the watch. >> incoming text messages can be displayed on the watch. >> the watch will transcribe
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what you say and send it as a text. it also has a camera and will record 52nd video clips. >> you can change the music list and it is a quick and easy access to your digital life appeared not the first watches on the market will cost $300. >> the watch will only work with one phone and that is the galaxy 3. >> time now for dyne and dished with vicki liviakis. airline agent box
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>> the restaurant is called agent box is a creation by the chef. >> bill read spring rolls are fresh and tender care >> even the toefl is good. food is 100% due to the free.
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>> the food is 100% due to ag;uten free comment on kron4 news at eight new developments tonight regarding the central valley, poultry company that has been linked to hundreds of salmonella cases. >> plus what you like it or not tarantulas all of the move in the bay area. >> we will show you where coming up. >> and we all my dartinon monitg developments as bart
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only at safeway.
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now at 830 just hours to go before time runs out on the 60 day bart: off. >> that means bart workers could be back on the picket lines tomorrow morning. >> and right now let's check back with kron4 is dan carmen who is live in oakland were negotiations continue. >> just in the last half
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hour we heard from a train operator and a lead negotiator and this is what they had to say. allied >> i don't walk out and i don't control it they do state's one person appeared >> we keep meeting and hope something is want to happen. >> we have been at this since april 1st april the first and people start acting are asking what the union can do.
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>> a couple of interesting notes at manager told us that they put a new offer and the union says the they have not seen that offer. >> the union says one of the new offer is a they have not seen it. >> the union believes there is a greater chance with getting a resolution if the lead negotiator is at the table. >> what are still waiting to find out through the 11:00 hour if brought union will strike or not at this point
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no one can give us any definitive answers. >> stay connected with kron4 on the bart negotiations you can get the latest on our web kron4 dot com as well as by checking our facebook and to enter pages you can also download our mobile app we have a section dedicated to bart you could even push alerts to get the latest information. >> new developments tonight on whether foster farms will stay open. >> the central valley poultry co. has been linked to hundreds of salmonella cases across the country recently. >> grant is that he brings us up to speed. >> usda officials say that
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they are assured that central valley has systems in place that will insure that the salmonella cases will be taken care of and will not shut down the plant. >> almost half of the people got salmonella had to be hospitalized. >> health experts say cooking chicken to 165 degrees should eliminate any concerns of contract in salmonella paralyzed >> they said that 90 percent of the people who'll contended that salmonella problem did not wash the cutting board that they were
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cooking the chicken on appeared >> you have to sanitize all surfaces when cooking chicken. >> happening now it was when or if it's over for the oakland a's. against the detroit tigers in game 5 of the american league divisional series. >> last night coverage kron4 is just a wall that is live at the oakland coliseum with fans. but first i'm joined by sports director gary radnich. >> game 5 detroit's comeback victory on tuesday in detroit so the oakland a's and the tigers will move on to play the boston red sox appeared >> sunday great struggle
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with a home mourn hill bob mcgill. >> the orlando was terrific for the tigers. >> the detroit tigers when they are going back to the american league series. >> the tigers will open the american league champions to a series on saturday. >> just in what is the mold
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like with the plans tonight? >> the fans are walking out of the coliseum and they are disappointed at a loss to the detroit tigers. >> as i say this is sort of a downer but the oakland a's did well. >> i did figure out why
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they hand out these are rally towels and one is to share and one is to keep your hands on warmer. >> on the side of mt. diablo i have been searching for tarantulas will have more about the tarantulas when we come back from a break. >> right now temperatures are born to be very cold will have more on the weather when we come back from the brake on kron4
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new tonight at 8 there are an abundance of tarantulas right now on mt. diablo in the east bay. >> officials say it is making season and they are busy. >> we sent our scott rates to investigate. >> i searched high and low and could not find any to latch tarantulas but i talked to a park ranger and he states that there are many to see around 9:00 a.m. until the eve in town about 5:00 p.m.. >> people out here in the
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park that love to look credulous so they came out here to see them. >> one little boy's state the tarantulas are looking for girls. >> park rangers say they see these tarantulas here every year this time >> they think that because of the fire this year that some of the tarantulas may have migrated to other female announcer: female announcer: save up to 35% and through columbus day,
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54 degrees right now in half moon bay. >> tonight is a chilly night and the fog will return. >> tomorrow sunny skies in the afternoon a little cooler than today. >> as we head into the week ended we will see a slight warming and into next week temperatures will reach 80 degrees. >> fog returns tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. it will
8:46 pm
be at its peak >> temperatures will stay cool doing this time. >> tomorrow morning 43 in santa rosa 44 and napa appeared >> low seventies for the afternoon. >> six system r in hayward 66 in richmond. >> 66 in hayward and 66 in richmond pierre >> saturday sunday and monday the temperature will start warming each day. >> coming up next we will
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now the sports report with gary radnich appeared >> the oakland a's at the high priced tigers to the fifth and deciding game in the american league division appeared a lot bart blinde >> eight innings to hits and
8:51 pm
the detroit tigers was gone. july >> the detroit tigers callback to the american league championship series. >> we expect to go for the
8:52 pm
sears says one of the oakland a's players. >> but detroit when you have trouble but payroll would all stars the tigers were a better team. >> tonight will ball the
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>> giants are now zero and six. >> in cooperation with the forty-niners, we present a high school coach of the week currey worker in northern california. >> the coach will receive $1,000 for his school programs his name is eric brand of westmont high school. >> jc: lunch at that one restaurant we all like?
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